"I used the product as directed in a dam with a large leak. 48-hours later and no leak, awesome stuff... it saved me thousands of Rands!" 

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DamIt™ Dam Sealer is designed with a positive charge which draws it downward through the water toward the bottom of the dam. The water pressure (hydrostatic pressure), which causes the dam to leak, forces the polymer down into cracks and crevices as it sinks to the bottom of dam.

Before application, ensure that you have studied the 
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Once activated with water, the polymer will expand in size and bind to other polymer particles to form larger groups of particles, which effectively slows and stops the leak.


The polymer will continue to expand over a number of hours and forms a flexible plug that withstands water pressure.


The positive charge of the particles will also attract any silt and suspended matter in the water downward to the bottom, which acts to embed the polymer within the soil structure and minimise any disturbance or movement of the polymer that may be caused by future water inflows.

Scatter over surface of the water

Polymer forced into the cracks

Expands & binds, sealing the leak


DamIt™ Dam Sealer works best when the powder is able to sink to the bottom slowly before activation.


Project Planning

Apply sparingly or not at all to the area where water enters the dam as heavy water inflows can disturb and re-locate the polymer. Apply the powder more sparingly to shallow sections and along the waterline and apply at greater rates along the foot of embankment walls and in deeper areas. For known problem spots such as the foot of embankment walls, multiple light applications over this area may be more effective.

Even Spreading

Broadcast the powder evenly over the surface of the water when there is little wind or current (i.e. little or no water flowing into the dam). In shallow dams walk very slowly through the dam so you don’t create strong currents. Apply the powder to the side or behind you as you walk (not in front) and do not walk over any areas you have already applied the powder to – i.e. avoid treading in the polymer. A canoe or small boat is suggested for application on larger dams.

Rapid Activation

The polymer activates over 2 hours however it may take a number of days for the particles to be fully drawn into cracks and crevices. The more water pressure available  (i.e. the higher the water level) the faster the leaks will be plugged.

Fast Acting

DamIt™ Dam Sealer is fast acting and a reduction in the rate of water loss should be evident within 2 hours. The polymer will continue to reduce water leaks over 4-7 days –  do not re-apply more DamIt™ Dam Sealer within 4 days of the first application.


We’re always happy to assist in calculating the amount required. If you aren’t sure or have a difficult shape dam, then please contact us and send details of your project.

To calculate the surface area simply multiply the length by the width (in metres). Once you’ve calculated the area in m², then simply divide that number by 10 to determine the number of litres you’ll require.

If your result is 150m² then divide 150 by 10 = 15 litres of DamIt™ Dam Sealer.

If your dam is circular measure the distance across (diameter) and use the following formula to calculate area - 0.785 x Diameter x Diameter.

Distance across dam is 10 meters, area is 0.785 x 10 x 10 = 78.5m².

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Damit Dam Sealer

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